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Sound art gallery in Berlin. Founder and artistic director: Carsten Seiffarth.

The singuhr sound gallery has been the main venue for sound art in Berlin for over ten years now. The nationally and internationally unique project has realised at least 80 audio-visual art exhibits - art that rejects one-dimensional classifications and reflects the individual artistic positions between the poles of music, visual arts and medial arts. The gallery's programmatic spectrum stretches from sound objects and kinetic sculptures to pure sounding spaces, from audio-visual productions to physically tempered and artistically designed rooms.

The conceptual parenthesis nurtures the aspiration to present installative sound art - works that are conceived for a certain space and are also realised there. The Parochial Church in Berlin's Mitte district provided the space for this artistic endeavour for a productive ten years. This is now being documented in a catalogue that has been released at Kehrer Verlag: singuhr sound gallery in parochial - 1996 - 2006. Since 2008 singuhr is partner of

Since June 2007, both historic water reservoirs in Prenzlauer Berg have provided both a source of inspiration and a new home ground for the singuhr sound gallery. The industrial heritage site's unique architecture, its unique acoustics and its location at the centre of a lively neighbourhood have predestined the two repositories to become spaces for innovative artistic projects.

The singuhr sound gallery's integrative concept forges links between renowned sound artists and the next artistic generation, between the urban arena and artistic events, between installative and performative forms. For the first time, multiple artists will show their installations simultaneously in different spaces. Works by different generations, groups and individual projects will encounter one another - a selected mix that delivers an overview of the current position of artistic productions within the heterogeneous field of sound art.

Since 2010 singuhr - hoergalerie is a partner of the RESONANCE network, a European collaboration that focuses on the production, the presentation, the documentation and exchange of experience in the field of contemporary sound art.