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Zagreb Cinema Club (Kino klub Zagreb) was founded in 1928 what makes it the oldest amateur club in south-eastern Europe. The most important authors of the 1930s were Maksimilijan Paspa and Oktavije Miletic, who left behind a series of family, travel and documentary films. After the Second World War the Club joined Foto Savez Hrvatske and later Narodna Tehnika. In the 1950s it gathered a number of young people who would initiate an active and prolific period of film production: Mihovil Pansini, Tomislav Kobija, Vladimir Petek, Tomislav Gotovac, and many others. At the beginning of the 1960s, Pansini and Kobija initiated lively discussions on the concept of antifilm, and co-founded the GEFF festival. The "structuralist" inclinations of the Club were mainly marked by deliberation and experimentation with the medium. Later the club served as a springboard point for almost half of the film professionals in Croatia. During the club's many years they have worked on various ways of approaching audiovisual culture. Today the cinema club organizes workshops, produces independent short and feature films, takes part in the coordination of the One Take Film Festival, and more. (Ana Janevski)

The student center (especially its Multi-Media Center established in 1976 made internationally known through the activity of its director Ivan Ladislav Galeta, with the continuous exhibition program of avant-garde filmmaking, video-art works, and multimedia performances, of home and foreign origin. Multi-Media Center even produced some avant-garde films (Gotovac, Galeta, Mikulic). The program of the Center were often distributed to other Croatian centers (in Osijek, Split e.g.) so it was not just Zagreb-bound activity." [1]

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