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Author Robert Varlez
Language French
Publisher Adverse (20€)
City Paris
Year 2016
Pages 144
Format 14,9 cm x 21 cm
ISBN 979-10-95922-06-3
E-book PDF (136 mb)

Robert Varlez is arguably best known for his work as an editor in L'Atelier de l´agneau, a publishing house for literature, poetry and visual arts. As an illustrator, he collaborates with various poets and writers such as Izoard, Ben Jelloun or Butor, and it is thanks to the encouragement of Martin Vaughn-James that he embarked on a series of experiments in comics based on Muybridge’s chronophotographs. These works, published in the 1970s in various journals such as Minuit or To Be Continued..., remain in confidentiality until their rehabilitation by The Hoochie Coochie publishing team. In 2015, encouraged by the interest of a new generation of readers, a feverish impulse engages him in the production of a copious series of plates operating the ideal synthesis between his work as a comic book author, collagist and plastic surgeon. He thus gave birth to Suit(es), a machinery of dismemberment and recomposition that is both enjoyable and complex, in turn playful and overwhelming, the culmination of an art skilfully developed throughout his rich career. (from publisher)