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<>TAG is a platform for contemporary audio and visual art, based in The Hague and Amsterdam. The organisation aims to create an environment in which young professionals from different backgrounds can meet to exchange ideas and initiate new projects, thus creating network to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

The <>TAG Headquarters in The Hague offer 200 square meters for exhibitions, as well as working space for members to do other assignments. The venue at The Hague also serves a monthly concert programme in the field of contemporary electro/acoustic music.

<>TAG Amsterdam is located in the Concrete Image Store and provides room for experimental presentations on pop-culture.

The events that are being organised offer a diverse picture of the current state of affairs, and there are virtually no boundaries as to what can happen, although themes like new technology, social issues, cross-disciplinary approaches, etc. can be seen to recur in a lot of work.

In order to stimulate debate every exhibition is linked to a series of lectures. Artists and performers are often asked to host a workshop or masterclass to provide insight in their approach and techniques.