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  • Between specialised and non-specialised, disciplined, alternative, parallel, lay, practical, pragmatic, technical, and experience-based knowledge.
  • Between performance and event.
  • Between art and culture.
  • Diversity, personalised experience, open participation.
  • glokálne workshopové formáty akcií ako nástrojov umeleckej produkcie a sociálneho sieťovania
  • hobby nátura udalosti, forma a propagácia sú organizované globálne, komunita a obsah ostávajú lokálne.

Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge[edit]


  • primary focus: experiment with the forms of knowledge production and transfer in constructed public spaces
  • a project by Hannah Hurtzig
  • Vienna, May 2008 ("Who will have been to blame", legal, theological, philosophical, psychoanalytic discourses on and constructs of guilt, spoken by judges, creditors, priests, thriller writers, victims and lovers); Graz, September 2007 ("THE GIFT AND OTHER VIOLATIONS OF THE PRINCIPLE OF EXCHANGE"); Istanbul, September 2007 (“ATMOSPHERIC POLITICS”, The right or wrong gesture in a given moment can change everybody's mood. But what is it that makes gesture meaningful? How do we make atmospheres with gestures, and what else does the gesture tell?); Berlin, March 2007 ("Routes and Sites of Mobility Pioneers and Functionaries", mobility is presented in its current interpretational contexts, rendering recognizable various migration and immigration systems, the new nomadism, and hybrid metropolitan ways of life); Berlin, November 2006 ("It's a Bird! It's a Plane. It's Superman....American Close-Ups in 440 Dialogues", The image we have of (U.S.) America is: too big. Too big are not only the countries' geographical dimensions, its plurality of inhabitants, their customs and institutions, but also the prejudice and the presumed, but often not verified knowledge of a country, which seems to be too close and too far away from us at the same time); Berlin, April 2006 ("Encyclopedia of Dance Gestures and Applied Movements in Humans, Animals and Matter", at opening night of the Dance Congress); Warsaw, August/September 2006 ("On Invisible, Unknown and Ghostly Knowledge II. at 59 different places in town, with 64 Experts from Warsaw."; Warsaw, October 2005 („On Invisible, Unknown and Ghostly Knowledge“ With 100 Experts from Warsaw.); Berlin, May 2005 ("The Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy with 100 experts from Berlin."); Hamburg, April 2005
  • 100 experts put together a collection of lexicalized entries for a an encyclopedia that fragments, mirrors, and hallucinates the theme of mobility. Stories, theories, documentations, and myths are included in this collection. An attempt at encyclopaedic systematization of "terms and topics that played an important part in the past Mobile Academies" was a wild taxonomy of cultural, artistic, scientific, jargon, practical and common-sense based, disciplinary and non-disciplinary, acknowledged and clandestine areas of knowledge-42 topics from A for 'Aeronoutics' to U for 'Urbanism' in Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, German, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Low German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Urdu and Viennese languages (or dialects). 1-on-1 talk between an expert and a client (100 pairs) for one euro, thirty minutes long, with an audience offered to listen to it in headphones-a model crystallized that could be the object of discussion on several agendas.It's less a performance than an event inasmuch as it doesn't present itself in confrontation with an audience that seeks consensus in reception
  • "Today, when theory has become yet another superstructural development of late capitalism, featured both in the rhetorics of the arts as well as in creative industries and business management, it takes actually some art to de-instrumentalize it from producing the intellectual surplus value. The Blackmarket is not expressly a pro-theoretical project. However, it does conceptualize knowledge production, not by a critical interpretation of its place in contemporary society, but through experimentation which operates with possibilities and potentialities of concrete situations." [1]
  • http://www.mobileacademy-berlin.com/

Summer Open Academy[edit]


  • primary focus: interdisciplinary collaborative experimental education
  • August 2006 and August 2007 / Bratislava
  • parallel workshops (20); technical, artistic, humanist, scientific fields
  • workshop: usually 2 facilitators and 10 participants; free entrace; lasts 2-3-4-5 days; evolves into collaborative performance (a/v documented; though some of them process-oriented); based around topic (discussed), tool (developing skills for software/material use), and/or (artistic) project
  • no sharp gap between age/expertise of facilitators and other participants; international; several languages (sk/cz/en/de/fr)
  • http://13m3.sk/index.php?id=961



  • primary focus: networked cultural production
  • every April, since 2002, in sk/cz/at/hu/pl/ro/..., each lasts 10 days
  • parallel events (100), some streamed online, some a/v archived online
  • started as 'new media culture festival', later 'network culture festival', no other general topics defined (however some particular events are topic-led)
  • no systematic categorisation of topics; only tags for event formats, cities, and days
  • expertise not distinguished, participation on both sides (author/audience) open to all
  • both public and private spaces, cultural centres and periphery zones, cities and villages
  • http://multiplace.org/2008