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Behind the artist-duo of lizvlx and Hans Bernhard.

Projects include: http://vote-auction.net - Voteauction, The Injunction Generator - http://ipnic.org, AnuScan.com, *THE*AGENCY* for manual election recount, NAZI~LINE [with C. Schlingensief], BMDI.de, WTO Salzburg [with The Yes Men], Pixelpainting, Webpainting, [F]original. Hans Bernhard’s work includes etoy, the etoy.CORPORATION, The etoy.holding, the digital hijack - http://hijack.org, etoy.SHARES - http://share.etoy.com and the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM - http://fanclub.etoy.c3.hu/tanksystem.

Ubermorgen’s core activity is media hacking - finding weak spots on and off the global market of attention; mass media & fine art. Due to this fact, several hundred clean cut news features in art publications [Artforum, Flashart, Nettime, Rhizome, Domus] as well as international mass media [CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, Radio & News-Papers – New York Times, Le Monde, NZZ, all leading Online Publications ] and a variety of underground media [Neural.it, Hacktivist, Samisdat, alt.bin.kittenporn, Newsgroups & Mailingslists] were published.