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Újlak was an artist group that first exhibited in the abandoned Hungária Turkish baths in Budapest in summer 1989, before moving to the deserted Újlak ('New Dwelling') Cinema, until it was demolished the following year. From 1991 to 1995 they took over an empty pasta factory in Tozöltó Street, where they organised one-night shows of invited artists from both Hungary and abroad. These shows were very much 'happenings' and often involved the creation of art environments and sound installations. By the mid-90s the group had split up, as the members chose to follow their own individual paths.

The Group's name, which roughly translates into "New Dwelling", is in itself a poetic act suggesting that it rejects all weakness; it does not want the support that a program would provide."

The group was at once independent and insular, yet it mainly produced installations in large, indoor spaces for the public. Sugár describes those works as "pieces of an inner-group dialogue" from which an audience of outsiders would be left to cull meaning.

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