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Urgent Tasks and Wishes:

31st of march 2006: deadline for the application for bka medienkunst pot.

follow up in BE (march till may):

kunstendecreet vlaamse gemeenschap, vlaams audiovisueel fonds, international appliciations

international (be de nl sk cz at) private (publishers etc)

copyright issues contacts austria (from FRO)

maria windhager, kanzlei Schmied, Kornfeld, Wukoschitz, Windhager
tel.-nummer: 01/ 586 1521

spezialist für urheberrechtsgeschichten:
kanzlei freimüller, noll, obereder, pilz, tel. 01 406 05 51

copyright of cat's cradle:
According to a 1996 online interview, Vonnegut said he had "sold the [film] rights to Cat's Cradle outright and for all eternity to Hilly Elkins, who has never done anything with it and never will and won't sell it back. Cat's Cradle now lies at a crossroads with a stake through its heart. Jerry Garcia had the rights to Sirens of Titan for many years. When he died, we bought the rights back from his estate. Player Piano was bought outright by Ed Pressman quite a while ago. We've been talking to him, asking him to do something with it or let us have it back."
(this is more or less confirmed. there is a movie planned on it with leonardo di caprio and the shooting should have started already last year in spring, but on various pages it is to find, that this will be prolonged into an uncertain future, as it is very hard to write a script for this book. this has happened though already, but the guy who wrote it wrote it in five days or so and a lot of people seem to be unsatisfied with it! there is also a page about movies to come and their stock and it's very very low rated).

FUNDING POTS AUSTRIA: --> 13.february it has to be reached in! --> materials and thoughts (reached in!) - fundings of the town of linz. current call for bids for linzIMPULS pot. (must have a connection to linz though --> end of application: 28.02.06) --> (reached in!)
linzconnection: the premiere of the radiopiece will be broadcasted on radio FRO (asked already and no problem!) - country of upper austria. no call for bids but constant possiblity. --> (reached in!) - for media art the deadline is on the 31st of march 2006 - subsidies projects where certain countries must be involved
OR: --> cultural contact point (bratislava?? - information about the funding possibilities in the european union)

austrian embassy in bratislava (with a cultural attache):
there is a 'rakusko kulturniy forum' in bratislava in the austrian embassy itself (opened po-pi until 18:00)

austrian verwertungsgesellschaften (sponsoring for cd/dvd productions): (music) (audiovisuell media) --> goetheinstitut bratislava (?) - do they subsidse too?