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Albert Alcoz (1979, Barcelona) is a filmmaker, writer, teacher and curator of experimental cinema and artists' video. He holds Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, Master's degree on Documentary from the University Pompeu Fabra and PhD in Media Studies for the University Pompeu Fabra with a dissertation on Sound and Structural Film (2016).

Since May 2006, he edits the website Visionary Film about current avant-garde cinema and experimental cinema. In May 2017, he published his first book, Resonancias fílmicas.

  • editor, with Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Angular 1, trans. Mattea Cussel, Angular, 2014, 82 pp. Incl. DVD with 13 films (122 min). [1] [2] (Spanish)/(English)
  • Resonancias fílmicas: el sonido en el cine estructural (1960-1981), Santander: Shangrila Textos Aparte, 2017, 358 pp. Publisher. (Spanish)
  • Radicales libres: 50 películas esenciales del cine experimental, Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2019, 236 pp. Publisher. (Spanish)
  • Música Esporádica / Sporadic Music. A sound trip through the Xcèntric Archive, Barcelona: Breus CCCB, 2021, 80 pp. Publisher. (English)/(Spanish)