Andreas Gajdošík

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Born 1992, based in Brno. He is student of new media art, programmer and organizer. Interested in DIY culture and experimental forms. Member of Pavel Ondračka collective.


  • 2016-now: masters study at Intermedia studio FaVU VUT Brno.
  • 2012-2016: bachelors study at MultiMedia FaVU VUT Brno.
  • 2015-2016: Social Informatics at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University.


  • 2016: (national league cz) - a website which collected data about frequency of commenting on Czech anti-islamic pages on Facebook. Then the "league of the best defenders of the nation" was rendered in real-time. The page looked quite nationalistic but under more precious reading of its content a radically critical meaning of the project appeared. Website is currently offline because Openshift Online on which existed was deprecated. Documentation of the work in Czech can be seen [1].
  • 2016: Communist MIDIfesto [2] - a website through which spectators can get control over sounds and projections of Pavel Ondračka. Data from faders are sent to our custom program which converts them to midi or OSC messages.
  • 2016: Rumours to MIDI - an experimental program for musical exploring of social media space. It searches for user defined words in stream of newest tweets and outputs the occurrence as MIDI notes. Windows version available for free [3]. Python script can be requested through mail.
  • 2015: Connect Workshop Brno - series of Arduino and PureData workshops.