Anna Koleichuk

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Born 1964. Designer, stylist, theatrical artist. She educated at The New VkHUTEMAS, Moscow and Viacheslav Koleichuk Workshops. The author of the concept and co-founder of the Viacheslav Koleichuk Total Theatre (1998). Most of her works where created in the frame of The Total Theatre. She participated in the numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. With the Total Theatre she performed at the festivals in Ekaterinburg, Yerevan, Moscow, London, St.Petersburg, Kiev etc. She organized and produced numerous exhibitions and festivals in Moscow, in particular, Kazemir Malevitch Festival of Performance, Suprembit Exhibition, 10:0 Exhibition, The New Sound Reality Exhibition at the DOM Cultural Center, Moscow. She participated in creation of theatrical performances "Transformation" (by Kafka), "Month in the village" (by Turgenev), "Victory over the Sun" (by Kruchenikh) etc. She developed the concept of the Light-Projection-Clothes. Since 1996 Anna Koleichuk's projects are supported by the Theremin Center, Moscow.