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In the Zagreb Cinema Club, the idea of antifilm was introduced in 1962 by Mihovil Pansini. Moreover, the biennial experimental film festival GEFF was established in 1963 in Zagreb (the last held in 1970), as an analogy to the Zagreb Music Biennale, the Festival of New Music and New Tendencies, the biennial exhibition of neo-geometric/neo-constructivist visual art in Zagreb. The main aim was to develop a new way of filmmaking, and "to find a new model of avant-garde film through experiments." The center of the new avant-garde film, antifilm, was the result of the radicalization of visual forms and the rejection of traditional film language, of preofssional and commercial cinematography, in order to destory the narrative, to overcome formal language and event the medium itself. The antifilm was the reduction of the author to his work. It did not take the audience into consideration, with everything allowed in the name of invention and research. (Ana Janevski)

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