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Atopia is an artist initiative dedicated to the development of experimental film & video art in Norway. It has its own gallery space and uses its "Vitrine" as a space for exhibitions of video art in the public space.

Atopia's office is equipped with film & video production facilities and we rent out affordable production/exhibition equipment to artists and art organizations.

Atopia was founded in 2003 by the following four artists: Annebeth G.Hansen, Michel Pavlou, Inger Lise Hansen, Farhad Kalantary.

Since 2007 Atopia has developed into a professional center for film & video art in Oslo, and it is now an umbrella for several ongoing projects focused on artists’ film and video works.

Through its various projects Atopia has organized exhibitions, screenings, forums and seminars as well as publications, both inside and outside of Norway. We have created a grass root network of artists around Atopia and have become a base for information and advice for artists working with film and video in Norway.

Coordinator/Artistic Leader: Farhad Kalantary.