Audio Scene '79

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Audio Scene '79 was held from 17 May until 5 September 1979 at the Modern Art Galerie, Vienna. The program included an exhibition of phonograms, sound installations, a series of performances and a symposium dealing with the history and conceptual background of the border crossings between visual arts and sound as well as experimental music.

With works by Laurie Anderson, Aperque, Pinuccia Bernardoni, Michael Brewster, Hank Bull, Norbert Brunner, Georg De Cristel, Peter Downsborough, Terry Fox, Bob George, Peter Grass, Jana Haimsohn, Julia Heyward, Joe Jones, Christina Kubisch, Joan La Barbara, Tom Marioni, Ian Murrey, Maurizio Nannucci, Bruce McLean, Fabrizio Plessi, Fritz Ruprechter, Arleen Schloss, Michael Schuster, Peter Weibel