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Recorded material

This is material that we gathered for the installation of the 13m3 space. it was recorded beginning of march in the area just around the house and inside.

HERE you can find the audio files recorded for the piece.

    • R050301-002153.mp3 - already a mixed part, that is treated with pd
    • R050301-062800.mp3 - also a mixed part already where lubo comes in too
    • lubo-ganz.ogg - Lubomir Nosko is telling something about the area
    • rumsrums.ogg - interesting sound

Final piece

The Global distribution of Products (

The Global Distribution of Products ( is a band, that focusses on availability of instruments for the people. Some products are distributed literally all over the world. Any globalised product can be an instrument - therefore every baumarkt or super market becomes the stage for and befriended concepts. As the products will not be bought for the concert, but used directly in the space itself, it is to understand as an opposition to the capitalist environment we are living in.

performing locations: baumarkt, stores and factories. zlate piesky holiday and industrial area.
first performance will take place during the Lost Free Space exhibition at 13m3.