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BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts is an interdisciplinary centre for the development of art and new technology in Bergen. It aims to expand the field of electronic art through collaboration, critical reflection and knowledge sharing.

BEK develops experimental, creative and shareable projects within the fields of art and technology. It offers expertise through supervision, project management and training. Its studios and project rooms are used for audio and video recording and editing, the use of technology in art and the development of spatial art practices. BEK actively supports artists by establishing, producing and presenting artistic projects, and helping artists to find partners for exhibitions, concerts and events. (2021)

BEK has been established in 2000 as a non-profit foundation by Jørgen Larsson, Gisle Frøysland and Trond Lossius.

Staff (as of 2021): Maria Rusinovskaya (Director), Åse Løvgren (Project Developer), Espen Sommer Eide (Advisor in Art and Technology), Marieke Verbiesen (Advisor in Art and Technology), Vilde Salhus Røed (Information Manager).