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BLOK (founded in 2001) is a curatorial collective whose work focuses on the democratisation of culture and art, as well as on articulating resistance to the processes of privatisation of culture that have fundamentally reorganised the field with the restoration of capitalism. Its activities range from the production and research of socially engaged art practices, to publishing, political and artistic education, and the organisation of cultural workers fighting for better working conditions. Since 2016, it has been running the art and activism space BAZA, located in Trešnjevka, the largest neighbourhood in Zagreb. In 2018, BLOK launched a long-term project called The Trešnjevka Neighborhood Museum, which is a framework for working in the local community through building a virtual collection, art productions, and various cultural, artistic, and socially engaged programs. Collaboration with cultural and educational institutions, as well as with art and activist initiatives, both locally and internationally, is an integral part of its activities.

Curators and administrators: Vesna Vuković, Ana Kutleša, Dunja Kučinac. (2023)