Bureau d'Études

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Bureau d'Études (France), French artists group, living in Paris. Gradual creation of an autonomous university in cooperation with research workers, critics, artists. Bureau d’études is the initiator of a "zone de gratuité (gratis zone)" that existed in Paris from March 1999 to September 2000 and was set up once more at the Syndicat Potentiel (Strasbourg, France). This was accompanied by the publication of the Journal "d’économie générale". At the European Social Forum in Florence (Italy), 2002, Bureau d’études carried out a project on European institutions and their normalization activities. Other project in 2006 is "Politique du Vivant, part one" of the Atlas’French State project in Rennes and other french’cities. Bureau d’études publishes articles in magazines, some of them are on the website : www.u-tangente.org . The collective has also produced its own publication : "Refuse the biopolice", "Autonomie Artistique" created in collaboration with Brian Holmes, "European norm of production", "L’Etat Machine", "Post national middle east, social workshops for the production of truth", "Ondes", "Electro-magnetic propaganda - the statement of industrial dogma".