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The CabFabLab is a public hi-tech workshop in The Hague where visitors can rent a work spot. The lab contains a variety of modern prototyping machinery that can be used to create (almost) anything. Our lab has been used to create innovative prototypes, (architectural) models, small series, custom products and for interesting experiments such as personalizing existing products.

Since the official launch in May 2009, the CabFabLab has been visited by a wide range of professionals such as architects, product designers, traditional and contemporary artists, musicians, graphic artists, engineers, fashion designers, teachers and inventors. Additionally, the work spots at the CabFabLab are frequently booked by students from many different institutions including Technical University Delft, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, The Hague University, Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Leiden University.

CabFabLab occasionally hosts workshops on topics such as personal fabrication, electronics and 3D modeling.

CabFabLab is the combination of CabFab and FabLab. CabFab represents Caballero Factory, the location where the workshop is housed, and FabLab is an abbreviation for Fabrication Laboratory. The FabLab program, which is considered to be a first step into the world of “Personal Fabrication,” was devised by MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld. FabLabs have now developed into a global network of labs and are rapidly expanding around the world.