Christina Della Giustina

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Christina Della Giustina is an artist based in Amsterdam. She studied philosophy, art history, and linguistics at the University Zürich and completed her postgraduate studies in fine art and political theory at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht. Her artistic practice entails the gathering, structuring and transposing of data on water, rendering dynamics particular to specific environments publicly accessible and perceivable.

The core of these works lies in the direct communication with the actual surrounding they are conceived for and intrinsically work with. Without adding to a given environment, fluctuations, dynamics and rhythms inherent to a site reveal themselves. In generating ‘ways of saying’ for the environment the work let’s its surrounding speak, disclosing and addressing issues of power and intimacy as soon as we are present.

The work involves live- and interactive audio-, video-, and light-installations, performance, drawing, writing and composing.