Compte-rendu des conditions météorologiques

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Compte-rendu des conditions météorologiques au-dessus de la ville de bruxelles (belgique) et de quarante-huit autres cités à travers le monde du 1er janvier 2011 au 31 décembre 2012
Author Jérôme Puigros-Puigener
Language French
Publisher Habeas Corpus (6€)
City Brussels
Year 2013
Pages 26
Format 21 cm x 29.7 cm
Fabrication Xerox, Japanese-style binding
E-book PDF (30 mb)

Following the practices of conceptual art, the title explicitly mentions the programmatic nature of this work. For two years, Puigros-Puijener observed and registered the weather on a daily basis in the city of Brussels where he lives and, drawing on a weather forecast website, compared it to two different cities for each month such as Alice Springs (Australia) or Biarritz (France). Using weather forecast graphics, a vernacular system of pictogrammatic representation, Puigros-Puijener's work brings to mind Cage's desire to have his music sound like the weather, only here in its digital, mediated, infographic variant.