Donna Haraway

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Selected articles by Haraway
  • Donna Haraway, "The High Cost of Information in Post World War II Evolutionary Biology: Ergonomics, Semiotics, and the Sociobiology of Communications Systems", Philosophical Forum 13:2-3 (Winter/Spring 1981-82), pp 244-278.
  • Donna Haraway, "Signs of Dominance: From a Physiology to a Cybernetics of Primate Society, C.R. Carpenter, 1930-1970", in Studies in History of Biology, Vol. 6, eds. William Coleman and Camille Limoges, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1982, pp 129-219.
  • Donna Haraway, "A Manifesto for Cyborgs: Science, Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the 1980s", Socialist Review 80 (1985), pp 65-107; repr. in Feminism/Postmodernism, ed. Linda J. Nicholson, 1990, pp 190-233; repr. in The Haraway Reader, 1991, pp 7-46; repr. in The Cybercultures Reader, eds. David Bell and Barbara M. Kennedy, Routledge, 2000, pp 291-324.
On Haraway
  • Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky, Christoph F.E. Holzhey (eds.), Situiertes Wissen und regionale Epistemologie. Zur Aktualität Georges Canguilhems und Donna J. Haraways, Vienna/Berlin: Turia+Kant, 2013. (in German) [1]