Elisabeth Schimana

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Born 1958 in Innsbruck. Works as a no-singer, -performer, -composer, -radio artist and artistic process manager in an electronic environment. She studied at Vienna’s University of Music and the Performing Arts and at the Universities of Vienna, York and Keele. Schimana began working on the “Klangnetze” (sound networks) project in 1994 and has been its regional director in Lower Austria since 1998. That same year, she received the Province of Lower Austria's Award of Recognition for Music. Since 1997, Schimana has been working together with the Theremin Center in Moscow.

In 2000, Schimana was named a member of the board of directors of V:NM – Society for the Advancement of New Music. The following year, she was granted a postgraduate grant by the Province of Lower Austria/Art Section.

In 2002, Schimana spent a term as a trainee at the Moscow Cultural Forum, founded Salon Elise, served as guest composer at the Institute for Electronic Music in Graz and was guest artist at Werkstadt Graz.

In 2005, she was involved in setting up the Institute for Media Archeology, which she now heads.