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Engage! Tactical Media is a political and cultural medialab in Utrecht.

We develop innovative media productions, we stream video, we consult progressive organizations on media strategies, and we collaborate on technologically savvy cultural events. We work a lot with non-profit organizations, such as environmental organizations, cultural centers, community media centers, as well as national broadcasters and festivals. We're also media activists.

Our events and media productions take place on the edge of culture, political activism, technology and media. We like to use cutting edge media technology for idealistic goals, and we are empowered by the conviction that new media, if used creatively and innovatively, have the power to reach the people and cause change.

Managing producer of Engage! Tactical Media is Gerbrand Oudenaarden. From time to time he is also available as Assistant Director (opnameleider) or location manager for film and tv production, and (technical) producer of selected media events.