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=== <b>[[Topics and directions of the project]]</b><br><br> ===
=== <b>[[Topics and directions of the project]]</b><br><br> ===

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LOST FREE SPACE je projekt spojeny s okolim Zlatych pieskov a "trinastich kubikov". Hlada stopy veci a udalosti v industrialnom priestore, ktory vyzera byt obyvany iba firmami, autami a nakladiakmi. Kazde miesto - nezalezi na tom, ake opustene, ci obyvane ma minulost, ktora nechala stopy veduce k sucasnej situacii a udalostiam.
Projekt hlada stopy toho, co sa stalo, deje sa prave teraz a stane sa neskor. Je vyskumom tejto oblasti prostrednictvom nahravania zvukov a rozhovorov s ludmi, ktori tu ziju, pracuju alebo toto prostredie navstevuju. LOST FREE SPACE je otvoreny projekt - nezalezi, z akych napadov a technologii vychadza praca na nom - je tvoreny a prezentovany spolocne. Prve stretnutie na zaciatok projektu bude v nedelu 19. marca 2006 v priestore 13 kubikov (13m3) na Studenej 12. Tu sa budeme rozpravat o roznych zaujmoch ucastnikov, co by chceli priniest a ake napady sa mozu v projekte rozvijat. LOST FREE SPACE je viacjazycny project! LOST FREE SPACE je multidisciplinarny project! Kazde schopnosti su vitane! (Ak nemozete prist na toto stretnutie, ale chcete sa zucastnit projektu, poslite prosim mejl na adresu: guy@waag.org alebo barb@fro.at, aby ste sa mohli zapojit do komunikacie.)

LOST FREE SPACE is a project that is connected to the area surrounding Zlate piesky and trinast' kubikov.
It traces things and events in an industrial area that seems to be inhabitated only by companies, cars and trucks. Every place – no matter how deserted or populated it may be - has a history and that leaves behind tracks pointing to current conditions and situations. The project is searching for these traces of what happened, what is happening and what will happen.
It represents a research about this area through recordings of noises and interviews with people living, visiting and working in this place. LOST FREE SPACE is an open project – content and technologically wise – collaboratively built, distributed and displayed. Welcome to the vivid and soundful world of and around 13m3!


Topics and directions of the project

Research material

Audio material

The exhibition

Free Tesco Bus (Novy Most - Zlate piesky) --> http://shoppingpalace.sk/?__Bx%30WEFIcCgIVEgEQSwIAAwc=-A4-v3#kyvdoprava

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to subscribe to the free lost free space mailing list clik: http://13m3.sk/mailman/listinfo/lostfreespace