Foksal Gallery

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We See You, Galeria Foksal window with Tadeusz Kantor, Anka Ptaszkowska, Zbigniew Gostomski, Henryk Stażewski, Maria Stangret, Edward Krasiński, and Wiesław Borowski, 1968-9.
Wieslaw Borowski with a painting by Zbigniew Gostomski in front of Galeria Foksal in Warsaw. Borowski to Marek Bartelik in 2011: "Because the government closely monitored artistic activities in Poland, we created a parallel ‘second system,’ which consisted of various art events in cafés and private homes. Particularly vibrant discussions took place in [Henryk] Stażewski’s apartment. Krzywe Koło [Gallery in Warsaw] was closed in 1965, since it was considered too subversive. Our meetings thus had to be moved to another place. A café belonging to the Society of Polish Architects (SARP) on Foksal Street became our new gathering place.." (source)

A gallery in Warsaw, founded 1966.