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Genialists’ Club is a subcultural establishment, an open club and meeting place for young people, where theatre, music, cinema and joy meet. There is no such thing as cultural elitism, mass culture and non-culture. There is what touches, and what doesn’t. There are ideas, tolerance and openness.

Genialists’ Club opened on September 1st 2006 in Lutsu Theatre House with the initial concentration on concerts and development of bohemian party-culture in Tartu, but also cooperation with now long-term partners e.g. Eclectica, Estonian Theatre Festival, Regiöö, Tartu Student Days, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, VAT Theatre, Black Nights Film Festival, etc.

In 2008 GenKlub moved to it’s new building on Magasini street, former gymnasium. Genialists’ Club offers a variety of events for foreigners as well as for people around here. There is something for all ages and tastes, whether it’s Tõnis Mägi’s concert or Vaiko Eplik’s retrospective, theatre and literature evenings or parties with live bands from Estonia and abroad.

Therefor there are many branches to Genialists’ Club, which in cooperation with other organizers develop certain fields of the cultural life in Tartu.