Gilad Roth

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Born 1974. His parents were Zionist who emigrated from London to Israel in 1969. Activities in arts had always been part of his childhood and the interest in music began with his father’s old guitar. He started studying the alto saxophone at the age of 12 and felt committed at 16. Graduated high school and served for 3 years in the Israeli army. Then he studied in centre Israel for 2 years in a private music school (Rimon) and left for Europe. He studied in Rotterdam’s school for music and dance between the years 1998 - 2002 and graduated with 7.5 from the jazz performance department. After a year back in Israel he left for Auschwitz, Poland and ended up living a year and 3 months in Krakow, Poland. There he brought to practice my improvising work. Through that time he had also performed in Israel, Holland and England. Recently he has been living in Jerusalem and about to start a record label - PRESENT RECORDS – where he will present works that have been recorded through the last few years. Member of Babel, form duo. Lives in Tel Aviv.