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GMT+2 Foundation is a legal entity with non-for-profit aim, registered in public interest, in line with the Bulgarian Law on Juridical Bodies with Non-for-profit aim.

Even though a large part of those involved in GMT+2 have interests in and work in the field of media art, the scope of the foundation's aims is not limited to media-art.

The Objectives targeted by the Foundation are:

  • To improve the artistic, social and economic position and recognition of artists;
  • To provide opportunities for information exchange between Bulgarian and foreign artists, ideas and practices;
  • To address issues arising in the individual art fields, but also to seek cross-disciplinary outcomes in any combination of the following: visual, performing and screen arts, music, cultural and creative industries, education and training, science and technology in their interrelation with the arts, art and business relations, art and society relations, information, communication, promotion of debuting artists;
  • To enhance the launch of active partnerships, professional contacts and networks among state authorities, the business sector and NGOs working in the arts field.

The scope of the Foundation’s activities include:

  • Organizing symposia, seminars, conferences and other types of national and international forums on issues related to the Foundation’s objectives;
  • Organizing short practice-oriented trainings, delivering theoretical lectures and artwork presentations;
  • Participating in national and international networks, guild organizations, other initiatives and activities, which aim at improving the artistic, social and/or economic position of the artists;
  • Organizing an annual festival for alternative film forms;
  • Holding exhibitions, presentations and other individual and/or collective forms of public display of art;
  • Supporting artists in preparing, funding and implementing their own projects in the arts and culture sphere.

The Foundation is privately founded by Emil Markov.

Board of Directors: Krassimir Terziev, Nelly Vassileva, Rene Beekman

Executive Director: Stanislava Stancheva

gmt+2 foundation