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Music group consisting of members Camilla Söderberg, Hilmar Thórdarson and Rikhardur H. Fridriksson.

The group itself may be new, but the cooperation is not. Hilmar and Camilla have worked together on and off for a few years, and Hilmar and Rikhardur have frequently appeared as a duet, most often at openings of various sorts. All members took part in the ART2000 electronic music festival in October 2000, and first appeared together in March 2001. The results were very positive, so a group was formed.

The group's instrumentation is a strange mixture of old and new times. Camilla plays all shapes and sizes of recorders, from sopranino down to double bass, and Rikhardur plays electric guitar. These old instruments are either used along with computer sounds or sent through a computer, processing their sound.

On the other hand, all of them play newer, computer-based instruments. Camilla plays a MIDI Wind Controller, that, instead of making a sound, sends a control signal to a computer that makes a sound according to the performer's instructions. Rikhardur plays the "Lightning", a computer instrument controlled by moving two wands in the air, their position and movement tracked by light sensors. Hilmar plays a Fader Box that affects the results of Camilla's and Rikhardur's playing, besides making its own sounds.

Based in Reykjavík.