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'''Intermedia and Digital Media''' department at the [[Faculty of Fine Arts AKU Banská Bystrica]].
'''Staff''': [[Miroslav Nicz]] (head of department and of studio Intermedia),
[[Michal Murin]] (head of studio Digital Media), [[Jan Adamove]], Martin Somora, Peter Vítko, Peter Janáčik<br>
'''Festival''': [[VAF(ex)]] (*2004) (est. by Michal Murin, 2004), after 2008 recall [[DigiVAF(ex)]], [[New Media Explorer]] (*2008)
Student works: video: http://inyfilm.itconsulting.sk/filmy.php?il=1
2006, http://www.umenie.net/index.php?id=8,1805,0,0,1,0<br>
Exhibitions: [[Re-presentation]] (2006).
[[Image:Open galllery, BA, 2006.jpg]]
[[Videoumenie z centra povstania - report]]<br>
[[Aktivity šudentov, 2006]]<br>

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