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Born 1945 in Romania. Grigorescu is one of the very few multimedia artists in Romania who during the communist regime conducted visual research on the body: a taboo topic at the time. The artist’s body became work “material”—perceived as a “medium” and surface—onto which mental images are reflected. His body performances are to be seen as “post-happenings” with the emphasis no longer on the temporal dimension but rather on the photographic snapshot that, however, preserves a performative character. These works, like many others from the 1970s and 80s, would go public only much later.


Election Meeting, snapshot, 1975. Courtesy: Artist.
  • Election Meeting, 1975, 28 photographs, b/w, 20 x 30 cm each. Snapshots taken during a rally in Bucharest, with a camera hidden on the artist’s hip, catching Securitate agents supervising the crowd and contrasting this view with that of with the ordinary participants, who were relaxed, tired, or bored.
  • Dialogue with Ceauşescu, 1978, N8mm film / DVD, 7 min 11 sec. Here, the artist plays two opposing roles, in one of which he is wearing a mask with the face of Ceauşescu.
  • Post-mortem Dialogue with Ceauşescu, 2007, Video / DVD, 22 min 29 sec.

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