Irina Subotić

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Studied art history at the University of Belgrade (grad. 1965). 1965–1978 curator at the Muzej savremene umetnosti, Belgrade. 1979–1995 curator at the Narodni Muzej in Belgrade. 1991 Ph.D. from the University of Ljubljana with a thesis on Zenit magazine: Likovni krug časopisa Zenit 1921–1926. 1991–2002 professor of history of modern art at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. From 1995 professor of history of modern art at the Akademija umetnosti, Novi Sad.

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  • “Jugoslavia. Nuove tendenze artistiche e la nuova generazione,” in: D’Ars Agency, 43/44, 1968, pp. 68–82.
  • with Jerko Denegri, “Nuove tendenze nell’arte jugoslava contemporanea,” in: La Battana, 18, 1969, pp. 145–152.