Janine Charbonnier

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Janine Charbonnier (born 8 June 1926) is a French pianist, composer and pioneer in composer-generated music. She was born in Paris, and married writer Georges Charbonnier.

With Pierre Barbaud and Roger Blanchard, she co-founded the Groupe de Musique Algorithmique de Paris (GMAP). With the assistance of Bull Centre National Computing Electronics, they produced their first concert of algorithmic music, programming in Fortran, as part of an art festival at the Rodin Museum in Paris in June 1959.

Selected works
  • La Varsovienne, electronic, 1965 (with Roger Blanchard)
  • The Warsaw, electronic, 1965 (with Pierre Barbaud)
  • Circus, a theatrical musical based on a novel by Maurice Roche
  • Exercice Op.3 for woodwind quartet
  • Prélude, Canon, Choral for woodwind quartet