Jara Rocha

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Jara Rocha works across situated and complex forms of distribution of the technological with an antifa and trans*feminist sensibility. They tend to find their praxis in remediation, action-research and in(ter)dependent curating. Together with Femke Snelting they have published the book Volumetric Regimes: Material Cultures of Quantified Presence, share a FrArt grant with Xavier Gorgol and Kym Ward for the project Vibes & Leaks and with Helen Pritchard works on The Underground Division. They are a Fellow for Situated Practice at BAK (Utrecht): with Karl Moubarak and Cristina Cochior they form the Cell for Digital Discomfort in the cycle 2021/2022. Their programme Naturoculturas son Disturbios is broadcasted monthly on the local radio Dublab Barcelona. In addition, they develop their pedagogical practice at ESCAC (Master in Film Studies and Visual Cultures) and at ABK Stuttgart (MFA: Körper, Theorie und Poetik des Performativen). (2022)