Jean-Jacques Lebel

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Jean-Jacques Lebel (1936, Paris) is a French artist, poet, poetry publisher, political activist and scholar. He is known primarily for his happenings, and as an art theory writer and art curator.

Le happening, 1966.


  • Le happening, Paris: Denoël, 1966, 89 pp. (French)
    • El happening, Buenos Aires: Nueva Vision, 1967. (Spanish)
    • "On the Necessity of Violation", New Writers 4, London: Calder and Boyars, 1967; repr., abridged, The Drama Review: TDR 13:1, 1968, pp 89-105; repr. in Happenings and Other Acts, ed. Mariellen R. Sandford, Routledge, 1995, pp 268-284. Trans. of abridged version. (English)
  • "Notes on Political Street Theatre, Paris: 1968, 1969", The Drama Review/TDR 13:4, 1969, pp 111-118.
  • Retour d'exil. Peintures, dessins, collages 1954-1988, galerie 1900/2000, Paris, 1988. Catalogue. (French)
  • Poésie directe des Happenings à Polyphonix. Entretiens avec Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux et quelques documents, Paris: Opus International, 1994, 173 pp. (French)