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Born in 1973. Lives in Barcelona. Creative, essayist and poet. Self-taught in art, poetry and philosophy.

Since 1991 he has conducted more than thirty exhibitions, in some cities of Spain such as Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona. He has also performed in the U.S., UK, France and Cuba. In 2000 started a research of codes to propose a description of Augmented Reality, representing the interaction between matter and virtuality and applying to the physical art piece a screen Interface.

He also investigates the classical and contemporary texts and the proximity of Eastern philosophy and pre-Christian authors. In his essay A imagen y semejanza (2004), advances to predict and define the active unconscious. Since this moment he started using an automatic writing and unconscious stimulation methods to set and retrieve display mechanism for the pre-scientific knowledge. He has written books of poetry and essays, to propose a reinterpretation of the Eastern perception of Platonic Eros.

In 2007 he writes about art and new technologies defending the hacker ethic. In this work he uses the terminology Interface to explain how our brain uses analogical relations process. The Neural Interface is a memory structure for the visibility of reality.

In 2009 he defines for the first time the Paradigm 2.0 applied to structural changes that affects the economy and society. In the same year he finished his essay La Comunidad Crítica, which anticipates and suggested the Spanish 15M protests movement. In 2010 he wrote the essay Threeinning System: fractalidad, Open Earning y la caída del faraón, a text that analyzes the unconscious active method of reality understanding and visualization. To conclude this essay he also proposes the falling of the concept and the object, replaced with the fractal physical properties to understand a new society.

Now he is working on the terminology fractality, Open Earning and Users Curator, for the description of the Abundance Society."