Katarína Gatialová

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Born Prievidza, Slovakia
Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Katarína Gatialová is a cultural manager, curator, artist and graphic designer. She graduated in art history from the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University, Bratislava (MA, Political Poster in Slovakia, 1968-1989, 2009), and in visual communication from the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava (BA).

Since July 2017 Katarína has been working as a Section Manager for Non-audiovisual Collections of the National Film Archive in Prague.

Katarína Gatialová worked as a head of digitization, new media and IT department of the National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic since November 2015 till June 2017 . Here she dealt with museums' collection data and metadata management, online collection publishing and data aggregation, and the digitization of sound heritage. In the years 2012-2015 she collaborated with Truc sphérique NGO team in Žilina, Slovakia, as a curator and visual arts programmer at the Plusminusnula gallery, at Nova synagoga and also at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie cultural node, focusing on contemporary and media art. Earlier she worked as a curator of 20th century art at the Olomouc Museum of Art (2010-12) where she launched the Central European Art Database, a project linking digitized collections of the museums and galleries in the Visegrad countries. She was a co-curator of Remake / REthinking Media Art in K(C)ollaborative Environments, an international art project aimed in creation and presentation of new works inspired by the history of media arts (2010-12). Worked also as an editor of Kinečko magazine (2010-2013), where she wrote about media arts, a collaborator of the 13m3 initiative (2007-2011) and a co-organizer of Multiplace festival (2008-2015). She was also a co-founder and curator of Vitrína Deniska gallery in Olomouc.

As an artist Katarína performs solo under the pseudonym Jano Doe. She founded the bastl duo The Receivers, performing site-specific acts with radio scanners, software-defined radio and DIY modular synthesizer. Katarína is also a member of noise music groups Inocenc, Augiášův sonický chlév and of the Prague-based live-coding open group Kolektiv.

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