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Film-making workshop, lab for 8 mm and 16 mm film and analog photography in Zagreb, founded in 2009.

Klubvizija SC is the only film lab for manual film development in Croatia and whole region, created within the institutional framework of Zagreb Student Centre (SC). The main purpose is to encourage visual artists to work creatively with the film, to give them an irreplaceable practical experience and create opportunities to meet and work with a number of film professionals. Klubvizija's goal is also to create a center that would become a place of gathering technical and artistic knowledge of the free visual expression. The founders of Klubvizija want to pass on the film knowledge that was collected for decades, but was on the brink of oblivion, to the new generation of filmmakers. Equipment is free for all members to use, membership is also free, and everyone with basic technical knowledge of film can became a member. The basic rule is that each member works independently on his work with the minimum possible technical support of other lecturers or leaders of Klubvizija.