Krzysztof Topolski

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Krzysztof Topolski (aka Arszyn) is a drummer and sound artist. He cooperated with many musicians, music bands and musical projects: RogulusXSzewelas Project, Kobiety, Emiter, M.bunio.S., Mikolaj Trzaska, Tomasz Szwelnik, Muk, Beatrix von Shreader, Hoec, Dj Wojak. He is a cofounder of band Ludzie (Folks) and Pracowni Ludzie Gdansk (The Folks Workshop).Arszyn is Krzystof Topolski’s solo project, till today there appeared following CDs: ‘Z werszkow pierwszy’ (the first of werszkow) (nefryt ‘ 02), ‘Unitas Multiplex’ (tns rec.rxs/plg rec. ‘ 04) His main interests are sound and everything which is connected with it. Recent collaboration with Marcin Dymiter: Emiszyn.