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Hallogenerator is a multimedia electroperformance, in the spirit of old evergreens dressed in sound of 8-bit computers inspired by Alexej Shulgin's 386DX. Displaying contrast between the digital world of computers and biomorphic world of humans where both parties failing and winning at the same time in dark atmosphere of the unpredictable context. It is a utopian story of an old and desprate party robot, fallen in love with suspicious human girl, do not believe in the ability of machines. Specially prepared software generating audio and video in real time is running exclusively on open source software.

Názov naznačuje spôsob autorovho narábania tak sample, ktory sype po seba akoby na vzorke čiže ani, pivo zemiaky, pričom ich granulárne dehonestuje až k samej hranici identifikovateľnosti za doprovodu repetitívnych vzoriek bubnov.

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