Lidia Zielinska

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Lidia Zielińska was born in Poznan in 1953. She graduated in composition studies in 1979 with Andrzej Koszewski at the State Higher School of Music in Poznan. She then worked as a violonist in the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra and the Agnieszka Duczmal Chamber Orchestra. Zielińska also worked with the Eighth Day Theatre, with creators of visual art, theatre and experimental film (i.e. with Izabella Gustowska, Jan Berdyszak, Aleksandra Korejwo). In 1978-87, she received several dozen prizes in Poland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Switzerland and France (first prizes in Belgrade 1979, Mannheim 1981 and Paris 1983) for her musical and multimedia pieces.

In the 1993/94 season she participated in the EuroMusicTheater project which resulted in a premiere of Zeitschlingen in Stuttgart, in 1994/95 she was a participant in the Donau Ballet project, crowned with a premiere of Venture Unknown at the Holland Dance Festival. In the 1995/96 season she was the composer-in-residence at the EMS (Electronic Music Studio) in Stockholm, and for a piece produced there, Like These White Mice, she was awarded a prize at the International Competition of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges.

From 1982-1992 she served as the artistic director of the "Poznań Music Spring" festival. She is a professor of composition at the Poznań Academy of Music, and she has also taught at the State Higher School of Visual Arts, Wrocław Academy of Music; in addition, she has been a guest lecturer at summer courses in Poland, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Belarussia and Moldavia. She has given workshops on sound for children, the handicapped, actors and film-makers. An important area of interest is music ecology and the relationship of composed sound to environmental sounds.

She has held many functions in musical organizations, being at various times a board member of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music, the Poznań branch of the Polish Composers' Union, the "Warsaw Autumn" repertoire commitee, and the secretary of the Coordination Committee for Creative and Visual Art Circles. In addition, she is president of the "House of World Rhythms" foundation, and co-founder of the "Brevis" music editions and "Monochord" quarterly. She also composed theatre and film music.