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The Lumen Prize is an international award for digitally created art. Its goal is “to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre of fine art through an annual juried competition that finds the very best examples of digitally created art and then tours this work at selected galleries and venues globally.

"The World's Pre-eminent Digital Art Prize" - The Guardian Culture Blog

"The judging process of the Lumen Prize is complex but through its complexity, thoroughness is ensured.

First, an International Selection Committee of academics and art experts review 100 works each. We structure this so each work submitted to the Lumen Prize is seen by at least 5 committee members. The top 50 works – which make up the Lumen Prize Exhibition – are chosen through this review are then submitted to our Jury Panel of 8 top artists, gallery owners and art critics. These panel members review all 50 of the works and select the 20 works on our World Tour shortlist and our three top prize winners,” Carla Rapoport explains. “Also, all the submitted works appeared in a Lumen Online Gallery where there was an open vote for the People’s Choice Winner. Next year, we will invite works into the Lumen Online Gallery for the People’s Choice competition.” (2012)

"We are proud to be partnering with a range of art colleges and cultural organisations around the world, including the "New York Institute of Technology"; the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens; Cardiff School of Art and Design, Wales; the School of Visual Arts, NYC and Art'otel Amsterdam.

The competition fielded over a 1000 entries from 45 countries in 2014, with its winners announced in Cardiff on October 8th. The top 25 works form the 3rd Lumen Prize World Tour and travel to Athens, New York City, Amsterdam and London over the next six months." (2014)