MEDIAWAVE - Prešov, 2006

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Program Mediawave Prešov

  • During two days of festival in Prešov it is projected amateur short films offer by main centre in Győr and amateur films from Slovakia, mainly from Prešov region, which we compile by yourself with agree of authors.
  • The festival will be opens under the church of Saint Mikulas at 10.00 of 12. of May. The festival will start with the speech of the organisers and movie makers of the town Prešov. This opens the second year of Mediawave Prešov.
  • Film workshop starts at 11.00, which will acquaint the customers with film art, work with screenplay, actors, camcorder, anim. technique and clip. The customers will work with they own conceptions and the lectors declaim concept of work. The Lectors are students and absolvent of the Universities (Actors, Moviemakers, Cuts, Camcorders, Multimedia workers). Workshop will be deal in Club OZ DKO during the two days. The result will be the films, which will be presented at the end of festival. At the same time overshoot the Workshop street art at the main street in Prešov.
  • Lenka Štrbinova presented the exhibition under the name REALiti in club Sibir at 13.00. After the varnishing at 15.00 starts the projections, where is too Michal Murin with films from ARS ELECTRONICA in Linz. It lasted till 19.00.
  • The exhibition in club Wave at 17.00 named Congress of Irons. The author is Jan Vasilko.
  • The concert of Jazzis Maria / JAZZ band / Prešov/ is in the Evening hours at 19.00 and Vetroplach /poprock/ Bratislava in the area of playground of Hotel Academy. The concerts lasted till 22.00 and start after parties in all clubs.
  • At 13.of May is open the film workshop in club OZ DKO at 11.00, which is continue of last day.
  • The exhibition named Finding the centre is open at 13.00. The author is Zuzana Hobrľová /Prešov/.
  • The projections start at 15.00 in Club Sibir till 19.00, when start the concert in the area of Hotel Academy, Orchester Hudobného primitivizmu /experimental Jazz/ BB, Karpatské chrbty / alternativa / and then after parties in local clubs.