Marcin Dymiter

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Born 1971. Marcin Dymiter played earlier in bands: ewa braun, MAPA and presently he plays in a band MORDY. He cooperated with musicians from various areas like jazz, electronics and avant-garde: Le Quan Ninh, John Butcher, Paul Wirkus, Axel Dorner, Rosa Arruti, Mikołaj Trzaska, Tomasz Gwicinski,a poet Marcin Swietlicki, Raphael Roginski, Marek Chloniewski, Tomasz Chloniewski, Matthias Mueller, Peter Eisod and Chlupot Mozgu formation. He has recorded 13 albums, cooperated and composed for off theatres moreover he is also a producer of music. He has played in many different European countries and in the USA. As emiter he edited 5 CDs: ‘#1’ (2000), ‘# 2: static’ (2002),’#3’ (2003), emiter Krzysztof Topolski ’16.03.2003’ (2003), emiter/Tomasz Gadomski ‘#4’ (2004). All the albums received very good reviews in music magazines; their unusual musical climate and eclecticism was emphasized. He leads also his own printing house sojuz emiter rec. Recent cooperation with Krzysztof Topolski: Emiszyn.

He is experimenting with sounds, transforming of everyday tunes and he seeks inspiration in the world around us. He believes that music is everywhere and its composing is an unfinished process.