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Martijn Comes (Roermond, 1979) is a Dutch musician/composer based in Amsterdam who is specialized in new media, sound design and electro acoustic composition. Since a young age he was exploring sound at the piano, his parents record collection and by collecting musical experiments through means of a computer.

Since 2000 he has been organizing concerts and playing contemporary electro acoustic works in an urban context by himself and others as co-founder of the Headroom artist collective, based in the Netherlands, USA and Japan.

He graduated at the academy for Digital Communications in 2004 with a thesis on live stage performance with the aid of digital media. After this he wrote diverse works based on research in popular music, independent contemporary music and classical composers combining elements of various aestetic, composition techniques and technical possibilities in two releases, Dominion (2008) and Lostitude (2008). Part of this work was edited and remastered for Thomas Mohr his Resonance film, released in 2010.

He conceives his art as a continuous research into the different relationships between mind, matter, idea, culture and form.

He is currently working on a composition based on the classical elements and studies Composition for Film at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Jurre Haanstra.