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Curator, visual artist, wet media researcher Born 1981 in Hodonin. Lives in Bratislava. Studied Interactive Media Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. Actually is an external teacher of Kanon of new media art history (former Audio-visual seminar) and lector of Artificial Life Art at Interactive Media Studies.

SELECTED CURATORIAL PROJECTS 2018 DOM 2018 PO»PRAVDE [1] Temporary Parapet 31.8. – 16.9. 2018 VIDEO [2] PHOTOS [3]

2017 DOTYKY/TOUCHES 2017 Collective sculpture and design exhibition 3. august 2017 3. -30. august 2017 Nádvorie Starej radnice. Museum of city Bratislava VIDEO

MUTABOR 24.4. - 18.5. 2018 Curatorial concept: Barbora Jurašková a Martina Ivičič Main hall of Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno PHOTOS [4]

DOM2017:  »YOU ARE HERE« YMCA Bratislava 6. – 8. 10. 2017 Video: [5] Catalog PDF:[Media:]

2016 DOM2016 : the uniqueness of everyday life FOTO: PRESS release (SK)

Sculpture symposium at garden gallery / Student gallery Alojz Machaj Plavecký ŠtvrtokDOTYKY/TOUCHES 10. 6. 2016 FOTO here

Předělej to!!!  » REMAKE IT! 2016: Aula Filozofické fakulty MU Brno) Exhibition of students of Audio-visual seminar at Theory of interactive media, FF MU BRNO. FOTO here

2015 DOM2015: DOMA/At home. Multigenre festival of contemporary art , Pdf.Catalog and Videoreport [6]

2013 3rd CULTure/ Tretia kultúra – bioart exhibition in gallery BUNKER, Nitrianska Galéria. Afterparty – discussion on art/science with americal artist Julioa Reodica.

2012 BIOART / Life Affairs international bioart exhibition, with participation of Sloveniana bioartist Polona Tratnik DIG GALLERY v Košice. Artyčok video [7] VIDEO TRAILER [8]

OPENING PERFORMANCE with cleaning legs : curatorial performance and opening of czech artist Jiří Kornatovský. RIVER GALLERY Bratislava VIDEO

ART JOURNALIST: A2, .týždeň, PROFIL súčasného umenia, FLASH ART, ENTER magazine, article in : TOP 5, FUTU-RES. Martina Ivicic @ACADEMIA.EDU [9]

FOUNDER AND MEMBER OF PNUTIE LUXUS - independent art group and NGO Founder and curator of DOM (Dielo-Otvorené-Miestu) annual festival of contemporary art (since 2015)

PUBLIC TALKS: 2017 Člověk Bůh – Homo Deus: Extenze a transformace lidství diskuse k výstave F.DiBig aza Light v Dome Umění v Brne. 25.1.2017

2014 Gestures of the Possible Life. In MEDIA – PERFORMANCE 4 / GESTURE konference. (Brno, 19, - 20. 11. 2014).

2013 Remediation as a symbiosis : parallel co-evolution of living and artificial systems. in: Remediácia: V kontexte transdisciplinarity, Poľish Institute in Bratislava, 17.-18.1. 2013. Organised by: Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV.

Surreal story of emergence of "in vivo" art

in:Belgium, On a different soil/Growth in art, society and culture. An international conference, organized within the framework of the project TIK – Time Inventors’ Kabinet, and as an accompanying program of Science and Technology Week 2011 November 10 – 11 Nová scéna (Národní 4, Prague) VIDEOREPORT

HUSÁROVÁ, Zuzana a Martina IVIČIČ. Konjunkcie: Bioart. Bratislava: RTVS (Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska), 2013. KONJUNKCIE č. 2 Bioart. LISTEN [10]