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== Slovakia ==
[[Media and net culture web services]]
Xena, xena.media7.sk<br>
Hosts: multiplace.sk, burundi.sk, buryzone.sk, buryzone.info, citylab.sk, c2c.cz, scart.cz, idealnypartner.sk, and others
Kyblik, kyblik.pieskovisko.sk<br>
Hosts: 34.sk, atrakt-art.sk, nextfestival.sk, a4.sk
Smecnet, smecnet.no-ip.info<br>
Hosts: itchybit.org
2600, ns.2600.sk<br>
Hosts: kyberia.sk
Ephex, ephex.factory.sk [down]<br>
Hosted: koridor.sk
== Czech Republic ==
node9, http://node9.org<br>
independent media storage and streaming server
Hosts: lemurie.cz, visions.cz, culturetransfer.org, 33-3.org, michalrataj.com, srnka.cz, lostpostservice.net, skupina.net, auvid.net, oknea.net, obmea.net, jlbjlt.net, and others
== Austria ==
Silver Server, http://sil.at
== Belgium ==
Okno, okno.all2all.org<br>
Hosts: okno.be, so-on.be, lahaag.org, 13m3.sk
== United Kingdom ==
Openmute, http://www.openmute.org<br>
Hosts: metamute.org and many others

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