Miloslav Kabeláč

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Born 1908, died 1979. At the Prague Conservatoire, Miloslav Kabelac qualified in composition under Karel Boleslav Jirak and in conducting under Pavel Dedecek, at its Master School in the piano under Vilem Kurz. Since 1932 he had been working in Radio Prague as a conductor and one of its first music directors. With an interval in 1941-1945, brought about by the situation under the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, he had worked here until 1954. As an organizer he had been active in the "Umelecka beseda", and later on, in the Union of Czechoslovak Composers. Since 1958 he had been a Professor of the Prague Conservatoire for many years. He had heralded the successful creative development of his pupils - Zdenek Lukas, Jan Malek, Jaroslav Krcek, Jan Slimacek and Ivana Loudova. He had also instigated wider links of subjects; among others he has been quoted by Jaroslav Krcek in his violin concerto, and by the Slovak composer Roman Berger in his composition for organ Exodus II. Abroad M. Kabelac entered into relation with the Service de la Recherche de I O.R.T.F. and with the Centre for Electronic Music in Utrecht. He passed the newly-won knowledge over to the Czech creative public in the seminars of electronic and concrete music, established by Radio Prague in 1968-70.

The sixmovement electro-acoustic composition "E fontibus Bohemicis", with the subtitle Six tableaux from Czech annals, finished in 1972, is the processing of the sound of the biggest bell of Prague "Sigismond", in the course of the work joined in by the oldest Czech chorale, by the organ version of the Hussite song , the fragment of the oldest Czech chronicle (by Cosmas), and by John Hus's words, the apex of the whole composition.

Electroacoustic music
  • E fontibus Bohemicis (6 tableaux from Czech annals), op. 55 (1965-72). Latin version 31,30', Czech version 30,70'.
See also
  • Miloslav Kabeláč – Eugen Suchoň, Prague: NAMU, 2010, 196 pp. ISBN 9788073311582. (Czech) [1]