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Monoskop is an international open access journal of history of media art and culture.


English and Slovak/Czech

About the journal

Online open access journal Monoskop is dedicated to history of media art and culture. It is published since 2012 as a non-periodic journal, and builds upon a long-term research of a wiki encyclopedia founded in 2004 with an aim to map history of media art and culture in Europe.


art, technology, culture, history, new media, media art, media culture, art history, history of technology, oral history, media history, media theory.

  • Monoskop talks is a series of conversations with artists, theorists, and cultural activists in media art and culture. The texts are published in a rich — wikified — format, and are available for fair use.

Editor-in-chief: Dušan Barok.
Published by Monoskop, Bratislava, Slovakia.